One great option for a wedding is a fall wedding because you have the celebration of crop not to mention the fact that you have a great weather. Fall is a very beautiful wedding because it offers you a lot of texture and color. Here we are going to give you some examples of decorations, invitations, menu and flowers that you can use if you are planning a wedding in the fall.

  • Invitations

When you are putting together your wedding invitation for a fall wedding you should include elements that are specific for fall. You can use colors such as orange, Bordeaux, different shades of yellow and brown. Aside from the colors you can add a floral print or some leafs from a tree on the invitations. To accentuate all the other colors on the invitation ad some golden details.

  • Decorations

Since it is the period of the year which stands for abundance because it is when people gather their crop. A good idea is to use piles and piles of season flowers. To add some textures add velvet and linens from the brown palette. You can also serve tea at your reception, sangria champagne and a lot of season fruits.

  • The menu

The menu is a very important detail which you must choose with great care. It is always difficult to choose the best menu because you have to decide on dishes that all of your guests would like. A good idea is to choose season products because they are very easy to find and will go great with your theme. You can use products such as: pumpkins, nuts, berries or apples.

  • The flowers

To get that rustic touch to your entire flower arrangements try to use flowers that you can find in the season and mix them up with some leafs, branches or fruits. Some of the flowers that you can use are: gardenias, dahlias, roses and orchids.

  • The wedding cake

The wedding cake is a very important element of the reception. Over the years it has become the center of attention of the entire reception which is why your cake must look perfect.  For the fall wedding cake you should use fruit filling such as: berry, hazelnut or walnut. If you do not want a fall wedding cake you can make mini tarts.

These are all the details that should be incorporated in your fall wedding if your wedding to look perfect.

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