Every bride wishes to have the best day of her life when she gets married and to add a touch of glamour to it they buy extravagant wedding jewelry pieces that make them shine. You will need a lot of money to match perfectly your astonishing bridal look with all the elements from your event, and also to create an amazing wedding for you and your husband but also your guests.

When you’re planning your wedding you should know that you have to mix and match all the details to create a harmonically bigger picture of your special event. For example, if you’re wearing an extravagant wedding dress accessorized with glamorous bridal jewelry you will also have to create an astonishing event. Everyone will notice if there will be any difference between your style and your wedding organization and this will bring a bad aura to your happiest day.

So be careful when you’re buying you wedding jewelry, try to match it with other details from your plan for the wedding. But if you still want to wear some extravagant wedding jewelry don’t choose something that’s too bold for your apparel. Perhaps you have seen many Indian movies where the brides where wearing very extravagant bridal jewelry but you have to know that’s their tradition.

You can’t compare your situation with theirs. Indian tradition obliges brides to wear many astonishing wedding jewelry pieces that they received from generations. It’s a family tradition that should be respected from everyone. Even if the family is poor the image of the bride has to be bold and shiny, like tradition says, and this opulence is given by the wedding dress and the bridal jewelry she is wearing.

Western brides often choose an extravagant bridal jewelry because they planned a glamorous event. So this is not a choice induced by any tradition, just a matching choice for their sophisticated style. I can assure you that you will spend a lot of many if you want to create an extravagant event, but I think that you already know this if you have chosen to wear glamorous wedding pieces to adorn your magical wedding dress.

So, if you’re having an expensive and glamorous wedding you can wear extravagant wedding jewelry pieces to match your look with your event. But if you are having a simple, beautiful wedding, this type of bridal jewelry will give you a discordant note between your luxurious style and simple, elegant event.

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