For a woman picking dresses for your body style is at times very difficult because you are not sure that looks good on your or because you do not know your body well enough. Finding dresses for day to day is difficult but it is more difficult to choose a wedding dress. Because this dress is more expensive than the normal one the bride must play attention to a lot of things at the same time, such as: the price, the designer, the style and if it looks good on your body. You do not want to choose a wedding dress of which you are going to be ashamed 10 years later.

Here are some of the features your wedding dress should have if you have a large chest:

  • You need a coop neck
  • For full coverage go with a V neck
  • A halter top neckline
  • You should avoid fabrics that give volume in the chest area such as: satin, silk or organza
  • Never choose a wedding dress which has roaching on the bodice

Now we are going to give you some examples of wedding dresses you can wear if you have a small chest:

  • You can wear a strapless dress because they add volume to your chest area
  • You can go with a V neck or a scoop neckline
  • Always avoid mermaid or trumpet style wedding dresses
  • Avoid sheath silhouettes

If you have a body that is shaped like and apple here are the things that you should wear and the ones that you should avoid:

  • Dresses which have an asymmetric neckline
  • A deep v neckline
  • Dresses which have a scoop neck
  • You should avoid getting a ball gown
  • Avoid sheath silhouettes

If you have an hour glass type of body here are the things that you should avoid and what will look good on you:

  • You will look great in an A line wedding dress, a mermaid dress, a trumpet dress or an off the shoulder one
  • In the front you should have a sweetheart neckline
  • The things that you should avoid are: empire silhouettes, ball gowns and sheath silhouettes

This is how you should choose dresses for your body style on you big day. It is important to choose the correct type of dress because you want to look your best at you wedding, you do not want to look back 10 years from now and wonder what you were thinking wearing that dress.

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