Couples who are going to get married need a detailed wedding planning list so they can stay on track with everything and know what each family member is going to do. Because a wedding implies a lot of planning and organizing you need to have a list to make sure that you do not forget something which can cause stress on your wedding day. If you hire a wedding planner you will not have to do this because he will take care of everything.

You can find templates for a printable wedding checklist, so you can take it with you anywhere you go and study it, adapting it to your own needs and adding details as you go. Moreover, you can share it with those who help out with the planning. Here is how your detailed wedding planning list should look like:

  • Nine to 18 months before the wedding

Get the most important things solved like: finding the venue for reception and ceremony, finding a DJ, set the budget, decide on the theme of the wedding and decide on a date. It is very important to start finding a venue now because the majority of venues are book a year in advance. Start writing down the guest list as soon as possible because you will need to send the invitations a couple of months in advance.

  • Six to nine months before the wedding

Begin you search for vendors: bakeries, florists, DJs, caterers, photographer and ceremony musicians and reception musicians if you do not want a DJ.

  • Two to six months before the wedding

In this period the bride should finish all the fitting she has with her wedding dress, also she should decide on hairstyle and makeup. Finalize the guest list and send the invitations. Wedding invitations need to be sent two months in advance so that the guest can have time to RSVP. Sit down with the caterer and finalize the menu and the design of the cake. Get your marriage license and all the accessories that you need.

  • Two to eight weeks before the wedding

It is time to take your seating chart and figure out where you are going to place all your guests. This task can cause serious arguments so make sure that you are calm and relax when you do this.

  • The week of the wedding

This is a time to relax and not stress out about anything. Place your wedding dress and you honeymoon tickets in a secure place and head down to the spa.

  • The day of the wedding

It is important to eat before the wedding because you are going to have a long day and you do not want to faint. Give the rings to the best man.

So, this is what a detailed wedding planning list should include. If you want to find inspiration for you list go online and look at all the list for weddings.

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