You know what dress you’re going to wear to walk down the aisle, what type of flowers you want for table decorations and how many guests you’re inviting to the big day – but have you given a thought to what you’ll wear on your feet? Many brides simply choose a simple pair of shoes to match their dress; but, as the flurry of 2011 celebrity weddings showed us, your shoes can make just as much of a statement as the rest of you.

The first thing to consider, of course, is comfort. If you’re planning a traditional ceremony then you could be standing up for at least an hour, and the last thing you want is to be wincing through the happiest moment of your life thanks to the blisters on your feet. Nor is it a good idea to select shoes so high that your progress down the aisle is more stumbling than stately. Make sure your shoes fit properly, and consider wearing them in around the house before the day of your wedding. If you’re wearing heels, it’s also worth practicing ‘the walk’ in preparation.

Secondly, of course, your shoes need to work with your dress. If you’re wearing white, like many brides, then white or cream are a good choice – but don’t be afraid to opt for colours provided they don’t clash. Think about material and decoration too; the more fussy your shoes, the less likely they are to match what you’re wearing. It may be added hassle, but make sure you take your dress along when you buy your shoes so that you can assess the finished look.

It’s important to get your overall look right, but don’t let the need to match your dress and shoes put you off from making a fashion statement. Whether it was blue soles, bold colours or custom-made Manalos, celebrities in 2011 set a new trend for wearable yet trendy wedding shoes. Shop around online for inspiration – and make sure you check out high street retailers like Next, which offer some great deals on stylish wedding shoes.

Ivory Lace Peep Toe Court Shoes from the Next

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