If you know the bride well it will not be hard to go through all the bridal shower themes and find the one that she would like. If you are the bride’s best friend this should be a piece of cake for you but if you are not it will take you some time to find the perfect theme. When you think of a bridal shower you imagine a party related to the wedding day and by that we mean a theme which blends well with the theme of the wedding. You do not necessarily need to choose the traditional path you can organize one which reflects the bride’s hobbies, favorite destinations or careers.

Here are some tips on how to choose a theme from the numerous bridal shower themes:
• The first thing you have to do is find out what theme the wedding will have. It is easier to choose a bridal shower theme when you know the theme of the wedding. Find out where the wedding is going to take place and match the theme of the bridal shower with it. For example, there are couples who want a beach wedding, in this case you have to find a theme which will match with it and another couples have a preferred color and for this need some hair color ideas.
• Another great idea would be to choose the theme of the party according to the careers of the bride and groom. For example, if the bride is a doctor you can have a doctor inspired theme or if she is a zoo keeper you can have an animal theme party. Make sure that the bride and the groom are both included and that they like their jobs.
• You can come up with ideas for a bridal shower theme by finding out what hobbies the bride has or if she likes to collect certain things. For example, if the bride likes to collect teddy bears you can use that as an inspiration for a theme.
• If you have tried all of the above and you still can not find the right theme for the bride and groom bridal shower you should use the traditional fairy tale theme. You can buy a lot of fairytale inspired decorations and a cake that looks like a castle.

Looking through all the bridal shower themes is not such an easy task if you do not know the bride and the groom very well. We hope that our tips will make your job easier and that you will throw them a party they will never forget.

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