One of the most important days in your life besides the day when you were born is the one when you’re getting married. So, from the day when you we’re proposed until you get married you have to gather around all your forces to plan the best atmosphere for your special event and the most gorgeous bridal look ever.

A good bridal make up will make you look the best on your wedding day. When you’re choosing it listen up to some bridal make up tips to get the best make up for your personality and style. The best bridal make up should be different than the one you wear every day.

Because of the great importance of this day, you should check out these bridal make up tips that are referring to: how to apply the foundation, what eyeliners and concealers you should use, and what kind of eye shadow, lip liner and lipstick fits you. So read the following make up tips to ease your work in finding the best bridal make up for you:

  • Match the color of your foundation cream with the color of your face and neck. If you will use a lighter or darker nuance it will look awful on you and will destroy the image of a natural bridal make up. To choose the perfect color for your foundation, probe it on your arm skin and you will see what color will fit you.
  • After you chose the color of the foundation, you have to clear your neck and face of the dust particles with a tissue.
  • Apply the foundation with a soft pad to avoid the harsh rubbing. Then apply a uniform layer of foundation on your face and neck.
  • Use the concealers to hide the pimples or blemishes and be careful in choosing the same shade as the cream foundation.
  • If you decided to use eyeliner its color has to be light like the color of your dress. The eyelid base should be also light to help in a better blending into the skin tone, making a greater complexion.
  • Also the lipstick and lip gloss should be in accordance with the style of the dress. You can wear a red lipstick if you’re having a bold look. You will look great with this bold wedding gown and daring bridal make up especially in your wedding photos!

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