Bachelor party is very popular among young people who want to get married. The reasons why more and more young people resort to this type of activity are manifold. The most important would be that this party offers to the bachelors the chance to enjoy one last “night of freedom.”

The burden of organizing the party falls on the shoulders of the best man who gets himself more and more responsibilities. To support those who are in charge of organizing this party, but especially for future grooms who want that their “Farewell, Freedom!” party to be great we made a list of activities you can undertake on this occasion.

First we would like to say that the most successful parties are those that take place outside the city where you live. So we recommend to rent a house (if not already own) a few kilometers from the city where the wedding will take place and go there with the entire bachelor suite.

Ideas of activities for the bachelor party:
1. Karaoke
2. Poker championship
3. Football
4. Carting
5. Paintball
6. Night clubs (with strip included, of course)
7. Racing helicopter over the city
8. A day on the golf course
9. Rent a limousine with Jacuzzi where you walk through the city
10. Table tennis or billiards Championship

At the bachelor party the groom is the subject to certain testing. You can prepare a lot of jokes provided not to forget that every man has his limits. And to prevent situations in which the groom will get very drunk or very hangover or his own wedding, here are some tips that will help you avoid this.

Do not schedule the party in the night before the wedding.

Rent a car to go and bring from the party location and make sure the driver stays awake.

Try to find out what kind of party the groom wants. Do not rely on the fact that he wants to spend the last night of freedom in a strip club.

Invite to the party only the closest friends of the groom to create a pleasant atmosphere. If you invite to the party persons who does not know each other well or do not know each other at all, you risk turning this event into a boring one.

Do not think about the bill because everyone present at the party except the groom will pay for it.

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