One of the most important accessories of brides are wedding shoes, they are as important as the wedding dress. There are brides who choose comfortable shoes because they know how long they are going to have to stay on their feet and there are brides who choose to suffer because they like the design of the shoes. No matter what type of shoes you choose for your wedding it should be comfortable and it should compliment your dress.

  • Function

Wedding shoes are elements which complete the style of the dress. Traditional brides often choose to wear pumps without any beading or sparkles. The modern bride often chooses shoes that are in trend, this means that they can choose from wedges, pumps to flats.

  • Types

Wedding shoes are different, they come in numerous fabrics and styles. They can be done out of materials such as: satin, silk and lace to velvet, cotton, crepe and plastic. Brides can choose from the following styles of shoes: mules, platform, flats, stilettos, sling backs, sandals, flip flops and open-toed.  A bride´s feet can get sore even on a heel of 5 inches which is why you should not get higher than that. If you like comfort and you can not imagine yourself not dancing the entire night we recommend you go with flats. You do not have to worry about the price because nowadays you can find shoes for brides from 30$ to 900$. If you want to find out more about the latest trends in bridal shoes, check out, and get more advice on how to match dresses with shoes, or how to make sure your shoes are comfortable on the big day.

  • Prevention/Solution

There are a lot of brides who choose the wrong shoes every day. The most common mistake they make is buying the shoes without consulting with the color of the dress. Another mistake they make is buy shoes that do not match the style of the dress. To make sure that your shoes fit you properly try them on in the evening when your feet are more relaxed.

  • Warning

One important thing that you must remember when you buy shoes is the exact color of the dress. Wedding shoes come are white or in different shades of ivory. If you have the possibility to buy the shoes from the bridal store where you purchased your wedding dress ask them to find you the right color for the shoes.

There are a lot of styles of wedding shoes are there but not all of them are comfortable. This is your big day and if you end up in a pair of shoes that hurt your feet the minute you put them on then that means that you do not have the right style of shoe on.

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